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My name is Irit, and I am a Transactional Analysis psychotherapist based in Greenwich.

My goal is to open up space for you where you can talk about anything in the world and never feel judged. I offer a safe place where you don’t need to be concerned about being right or perfect.

I endeavor always to be congruent and consistently provide boundaries for a confidential therapeutic relationship.

In my practice, I tailor a number of approaches from various models to suit your individual needs offering short-term counselling to deal with a specific issue as well as longer, more open-ended work.

I respect that each person experiences events differently depending on various influences from their past experiences, relationships, cultural background and the context in which we live. 


Many people find Relational Transactional Analysis therapy appealing as it promotes a unique and equal relationship between client and therapist.


In my Approach, I believe that everyone can have the capacity to decide what they want in life. Therapy will help you recognize your worth and regain control in order to achieve your goals.

Languages available:  English, Russian, Hebrew & Ukrainian.

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